The Last Post of This Year!! – hmskylen


Welcome to the last post of this year! I will sum up my whole year and all the post I have completed. I hope you enjoy!


The first thing I will do is talk about how many blogs I have completed. The total amount of blogs I completed including this one is 13. The posts are It’s Good To Be Back – hmskylen, Hey! It’s a Tomato Head! – hmskylen, Guess That Movie Title! – hmskylen, My Best Work – hmskylen, SBC#6: Science Alphabet – hmskylen, My Celebrations! – hmskylenReflection Time! – hmskylen, Basketball – hmskylen, School So Far!! – hmskylen, Songs! – hmskylen, Beach Time! – hmskylen and My Favorite Brands! – hmskylen.

The next thing I will talk about is all the good work I did for my core classes which are Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. I hope you enjoy!


The first class I will talk about is Language Arts. Language Arts isn’t my strong class. Something I did good is my posts! You should go check out each post up there and comment on them! I’m sure you will enjoy it! I also just did good on a Wordly Wise Test! I think I was the only one to get 32/32 on the test! Here it is!

Language Arts Test – Taken By Me

The next class I will talk about is Math. Since Math is my strongest subject, I sometimes get good grades on assignments. The best work that I have done is either my Scholastic Math Magazine or is my Geometric Translation Project. Here’s a picture of my Magazine. I worked on this project and I also worked on some pages with hmsadam.

Photo of My Math Magazine – Taken By Me

The next thing I will talk about is Science. In Science, we don’t do a lot of tests, but we do a lot of experiments and a lot of graded homework. An assignment I did good on was DE What Is Eating You. I did this assignment in class and got an A on this assignment.

DE Exploration – Screenshot Taken By Me


The last and final class I will talk about is Social Studies. I will talk about my vocab tests. All of my tests that I completed were at least an A. I am very proud of my vocab tests because I always get a good grade.


Well, that’s it for my last post! It wasn’t that long, but I will miss all of you guys. I will see you guys in the future!



My Favorite Brands – hmskylen

Hello readers,

I will tell you about my favorite brands! Now some of these brands have very expensive clothing that I can’t even afford and some have prices that are affordable. So I hope you enjoy!

The first brand is Supreme. Supreme has many expensive items like bags, shirts, and many more. Supreme is very expensive and even though the shirt may not look good, it can cost up to thousands of dollars! They also sell face masks, stickers, Skateboards, and more.

“100_2804editSupremeLetterbox”by imsoSyren is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The next brand is Bape. Bape is also known as Bathing Ape. Ever since I discovered Bape, I always wanted to buy a hoodie. The hoodies are nice and expensive. They also have shirts, bags, stickers, sweat pants, socks and etc. Most of the clothing is very expensive and the stickers are actually pretty cheap.

rc! Flickr via Compfight cc

The next brand is known everywhere. Adidas. I have many things I like about Adidas. The shoes are very nice. Adidas NMDs are expensive. The ultraboosts are also expensive. I also like the clothing.


Mak Ting Him Flickr via Compfight cc

The picture above is Adidas NMDs.


阿 light Flickr via Compfight cc

This picture is Adidas Ultraboosts.

The next brand I will talk about is Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton is a very expensive brand and has collabed with many other expensive brands. Some of its clothing can cost up to thousands. The clothing there is very nice and I would surely buy it.


The last brand I will talk about is Champion. Champion prices are cheap but I like some of their clothing. There clothing to me looks great. I want the Faze and Champion collab hoodie because it looks sick. I need it.

Thank you for reading this! Also, what are your favorite brands? Comment below!



Beach Time! – hmskylen

Hello readers,

I will talk to you about the Beach!! Now I love the beach. The beach is kind of like my home. There are many things I like about the beach and I am here to share it to you guys. I hope you enjoy!

Before everything, I always need to invite people. Inviting people brings me company. Some people I bring is hmsryden, hmsally, hmstyler, hmsnicolas, and hmsmari.

The first thing I always love to do is look or take a walk along the beach before and after. When we arrive at a beach, I mostly walk along the beach to see what has changed or to see how the beach is. At the end of our stay, I walk along to see the beauty of the beach and how amazing our stay was.


CheeseTheMan Flickr via Compfight cc

The second thing is that I feel the water. If it is cold or warm, I still go into the water. I usually just either swim or I dive and look for shells. Looking for shells can be hard sometimes so I look near the shore which most shells are. However, I look underwater for shells because they are more beautiful and aren’t broken up into pieces.


CheeseTheMan Flickr via Compfight cc

The next thing is that I boogie board. I boogie board across the sand and into the water. The way to slide right across the sand has to be timed. When the wave comes up and right before it starts to head down, you run and once you see it going down keep running and then land on your board on your stomach and keep your feet up and you should slide a few 10 or more feet. You do the same when you are going into the water.


Bengt Nyman Flickr via Compfight cc


The next thing I do which I do for every day is fish. I love to fish. Fishing is very fun and I just love to do it. I like to set up my own pole and casting it out is very fun. Fishing may get very boring but that is what fishing is. Changing the bait after a long wait is good because the fish could have eaten all the bait. It’s fun also fighting a big fish because it pulls drag.


michalshanny Flickr via Compfight cc


I also like to go crabbing at night. Since some of the crabs are big, I just step on them or catch them. We then go around or back and forth and try to catch as many as we can. We then go up to my house and release the crabs.

Seymour Lu Flickr via Compfight cc

We also eat a lot! Eating during this time is my favorite. I usually gain about 3 pounds even after swimming or doing outdoor stuff because I lose weight when doing activities. Eating is my favorite thing to do when we are there. We also play video games and we play cards or other fun games.

That’s basically all I do when I go to the beach. I hope you enjoyed and what do you like to do on beach days?

Songs! – hmskylen

Hello reader,

I will talk about my favorite songs and what type of music I like. Everyone is different so please don’t judge my taste of music. I hope you enjoy!


I like a lot of types of music. I like pop, rap, and local music (Hawaiian Music). I will talk about pop first. I don’t really listen to much pop like I used to. My favorite artists are Bruno Mars, Selena Gomez, and Ariana Grande. I like Bruno Mars because he was from Hawaii. Here’s a picture of Bruno Mars with his crew. He is in the middle wearing the pirates shirt.

StephaneLecureuil Flickr via Compfight cc

Rap is a big part of my music. I listen to it every day. Some rappers I enjoy to listen to is Juice Wrld, XXXtentacion or X, Lil Baby, BlueFace, 6ix9ine, Cardi B, Lil Peep, Denzel Curry, and etc. These are just some of my favorite rappers. I have many more. Here’s a picture of my favorite rapper, X who was unfortunately killed last year which was very heartbreaking.

CharliePeacher Flickr via Compfight cc

Rip X. He was such a good man. Even though he has tattoos over his face, all of his songs had a good meaning.

My local songs are a big deal of me. I listened to it since I was a little kid. Some of my favorite singers are Kolohe Kai, Rebel Soulhjaz, Sammy Johnson, J Boog, etc. I also listen to full Hawaiian songs from Braddah Iz, Keali’i Reichel, and etc. I love my local songs!

So I hope you enjoyed my types of music! Comment down below your favorite song or type of music! Thank you!

School So Far!! – hmskylen

Hello person,

Since now, our school experience has been amazing. I will tell you about my amazing experience!

The first amazing experience is my school volleyball team championship win. We were one of the smallest teams in the league and we managed to beat every team except two. Those two teams we lost too, we also won against them. It was a hard fight when we were all small but we managed to get it done. Here’s someone hitting a volleyball.

philipwhitcombe Flickr via Compfight cc

The next experience was when we played against the teachers in volleyball. The game was exciting because all of the students were watching us. I get nervous around a whole school watching, but sometimes in life, it just happens.

This wasn’t during school but it was a fun weekend experience. So I was talking with my brother on going fishing somewhere on the weekend and we did. We went to two places. I can’t tell which places because they are secret locations. The first location was basically all dead. There were no bites at all. We then decided to go and move to a different spot until sunset. Once we arrived, it was almost 5:00 and sunset was at 6:30! We set up our fishing poles so fast that we took about 5 minutes! We weren’t feeling it so we just threw our poles out like nothing would bite and in like 10 seconds, tons if fish instantly bit and we caught about 20 fish by the time we finished fishing.


The new thing that is going on is school basketball. We just started the season but we already lost all of our 2 games. Our practices are from 3:00 to 4:00 or 4:45. I usually stay until 4:45 to get in extra practice for games. You also need good grades in order to play on the team.

ralph_lehmberg_fotograf Flickr via Compfight cc

So that’s what has happened during this school year. It has been a blast and I hope we finish the year even better!! What was your favorite thing you did this year? Comment down below!

Basketball – hsmkylen

Hello reader,

I will talk about basketball. Basketball is a very important part of my life. It’s almost as important as school and family, but those two are the most important. Without family or school, you can’t play. Basketball, if you didn’t know, is a game where you shoot a round ball into a big hoop. Behind the hoop is a backboard where you can bounce the ball into the hoop. Basketball has running and you always need to dribble when you have the ball. If you stop dribbling and start dribbling again, that’s called a double dribble. If you carry the ball while walking that is called a travel. If you carry the ball that’s called a carry. If you push or shove or do anything that hurts the player, that’s called a foul. If you kick the ball that’s called a kick ball violation. You have 5 teammates on the court and you have 4 quarters in a game. each basket is two points. There’s a three-point line where you can score three points. Here’s what a basketball hoop looks like.

stef demeester (sometimes off) Flickr via Compfight cc

The way we or my school plays is that we have four quarters. Each quarter is 6 minutes. We have 5 people starting and I think 7 people on the bench waiting. We have plays on inbound plays and what to run on offense. For defense, we have two plays. I personally love basketball because there’s running in it. I love to run.


So that’s basically it for this blog. Since Basketball is a fun sport, what’s your favorite sport? Comment down below!

Reflection Time! – hmskylen

Hello readers,

The end is finally here! No I’m not talking about the apocalypse and no I am not talking about the end of the world. I am talking about the end of SBC! The end is near unfortunately. But for now, I will tell you about my experience. I hope you enjoy!


This year’s SBC started like a regular SBC. I, a soon to be teenage boy and is short was unhappy SBC was coming back. I just brush it off however and just did it and that’s why I’m here talking to you right now. I could be doing something else right now instead of this. I will list the questions I will answer below and answer all of them for you guys and girls.

  1. How many weeks of the challenge did you participate in?                                     This SBC, I created 13 posts to you, all of my readers. I’m probably sure that only one person is reading this besides myself is my teacher.
  2. How many posts did you write in the ten week period?                                                   I wrote 6 from this weeks and soon to be 7 because of this one.
  3. How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers, or other visitors?                                                                                                                                      I received one comment this whole SBC from my friend hmsskylar. Go check him out right now because he has an amazing blog and posts about amazing things!
  4. Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?                                                     I enjoyed a lot of the posts we did. My favorite post I did was probably My Celebrations. Here’s a link to my  post!
  5. Which web tools did you use to show creativity on your blog?                                     I don’t actually use any web tools. The thing I do is search for stuff on Creative Commons for information and pictures.
  6. What are your plans for your blog now? Will you keep posting?                                  I have a lot of plans. I would probably not have time to post but I will try for you guys.

Well I hope you enjoyed that. It was hard to answer all the questions because I have a lot of things to write about. Here’s what my mom thought of this blog.


  1. What were your first impressions of this blog?                                                                 Her first impression was that she was asking why did I do this. The second is that she said it was well done for me.
  2. What captured your attention?                                                                                             The thing that caught her off guard was the second question above these questions. She thought I did none because I looks like I don’t do anything at home.
  3. What distracted you on the blog?                                                                                          She was distracted by that I used no web tools.
  4. What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?                                                The only suggestion is that she asked me to add pictures but I don’t know what to add for these.

My Celebrations! – hmskylen

Hello readers,

I will talk about the celebrations that my family celebrates. I think that is kind of confusing actually. Here, I’ll say it in an easier way to say. I will talk about the holidays that my family celebrates. So lets get riiiiiiight into the news!!!

The first holiday my family celebrates is Christmas. Christmas is my favorite holiday. It is a time to get together and give each other gives. I love Christmas because you never know what you might get. On Christmas, I got a TV and and and Xbox one! I had no idea it was coming!

Picture from Creative Commons

The next holiday we celebrate is Thanksgiving. Thanks giving is a holiday were we show gratitude to others and for some people, they show it to God. Here’s some extra info about thanksgiving. We celebrate it every time at my grandma and grandpa’s house. I usually share to my family about who and what I am thankful for. 

A holiday fun for a lot of people is Halloween. Halloween is fun because you get to go trick or treating with your friends. I love it because we can go visit all the haunted places and get candy. Here’s some more info about Halloween.

A state holiday we celebrate is Kamehameha Day. Kamehameha day is celebrated by the islands of Hawaii. We celebrate it for Kamehameha the Great, the person who created the Kingdom of Hawaii. Some more info Kamehameha Day.

Another state holiday we celebrate is called Lei Day or May Day. We usually celebrate it by dancing hula at school. It is called lay day too. Our school celebrates it every 3 years.SOme more information on May Day or Lei Day.

Thank you for listening or reading this. If you would like to, please leave a comment thats says your favorite holiday! Thank you for listening!



SBC #6: Science Alphabet – hmskylen


Today, I will show you a list of science words form each letter of the alphabet. I hope you enjoy!

A: Absolute zero – The lowest temperature ever reached in the universe. It is -273 Celsius.
B: Black Hole – An object with a lot of mass concentrated inside of it, and is has a really strong gravitational pull, nothing can escape it.
C: Cosmology – It is the study of the Universe as a whole.
D: Density = mass per unit of volume.
E: Extravehicular – The activities in space conduced by astronauts outside of the spacecraft.
F: Field of View (FOV) – The full extent of the sky viewed by an instrument.
G: Galaxy – A structure formed by an assembly of thousands and millions of stars.
H: Heat Shield – A thick layer that protects from heat.
I: Instrument – Item capable of registering information with a precise objective.
J:  Jupiter – Fifth planet from the sun and the largest planet in our solar system.
K: Kelvin – It’s a unit of the absolute temperature scale.
L: Leonid – A Meteor shower that occurs around 17 November each year.
M: Matter – A physical substance, having mass and occupying space.
N: Nebula – Cloud of dust and gas in space.
O: Orientation – Position in space relative to a reference point.
P: Photon – A particle of light, unit of electromagnetic energy.
Q: Quark – An elementary particle which is believed to be the fundamental structural unit from which all other particles are made.
R: Radiation – Used as a synonym for Electromagnetic Radiation.
S: Shell – A surface made of thin material.
T: Titan –  The largest outermost ring of Saturn.
U: Universe – Everything that exists.
V: Volt – Unit of electric potential in the SI unit system.
W: Watt – Unit of power in the SI unit system.
X: X-band – A band of radio frequencies extending from 5200 to 10900 mHz.
Y: Yolk – Yellow  part of an egg.

Z: Zonal wind – Atmospheric wind component which flows along the latitude.



My Best Work – hmskylen 2018

Hello everyone,
This will be very exciting. I will be showing my best work of trimester one! It wasn’t the best trimester I had, but it isn’t the worst. It started off well, but went down because I get lazy. I will show off all my best work from each class I can. I hope you enjoy!
LA: LA (Language Arts) is my worst class. I an bad at LA. I am bad because I am no the best reader but I am good with words. I haven’t had the best work for LA. My best work for LA is a test I took in the class. I received 100% percent on it. I was very happy about it even though  it brought my grade up 1%. Here’s a picture of it.
Photo taken by me
It’s hard to see but I got 100%. I tried to be quiet to not disturb anyone else. I was quiet outside but inside I was in shock and screaming”YES!!”
Science: I have a lot of good work from Science. Everything she makes is graded. I try my best for this subject too because I am really bad at Science too. I have a lot of good work for Science. My best work is probably my Squid Dissecting activity. I did it with hmsnicolas. You can ask him about it too.
Social Studies: Social Studies is easy for me. I ace mostly all my tests. My best scores come from Vocab Tests. Vocab tests come every 2 weeks. We receive the words, take the test next week, and next week we receive new words. I don’t have any examples because he doesn’t give back our tests.
Math: Math is my favorite subject so that’s why I had an A- last trimester. My best work is probably the last test of our trimester. I received 102% on it because I checked over it. It doesn’t say on the test but when the grade was entered, I got 102%. I unfortunately don’t have a picture of it because I think I accidentally threw it away.
Thank you for listening or reading. I hope you enjoyed. If you want, Leave a comment of your best work!